Special Heraldic Flags

It seems that laws surrounding heraldic flags have become blurred, and Scottish football clubs are now trying to scrap old laws which ban the use of certain elements on flags such as lions, shields or thistles. Scottish football clubs in legal battle over using heraldic crests have meant that some clubs will be forced to adopt a new badge and may only use their current crest for a few months longer. These heraldic flags with coats of arms are now being caught up in a feud of the flags because of a complaint made by a fan of a rival club. This isn’t the first time legal battles are raging because Kilmarnock and St Mirren also had to alter their badges in the 1990s for being in breach of Lord Lyon rules. We’ve all witnessed the passionate loyalty and rivalry with football clubs, and fans are always looking for ways to bring rival clubs to their knees, and in this case over the use of unregistered arms.

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