Scottish heraldry made easy, or maybe not

Some of us at least have heard about the sale of plots of land on the moon. Although this must be considered more of a joke, than something anyone would take seriously, a similar service is offered in Scotland. You can buy a small plot for £30, and you are sent a certificate of ownership, with your name, an ordinance survey of the plot, and perhaps a cheeky title of; ‘Lord’, ‘Laird, or ‘Lady’ next to your name. Of course, this doesn’t really give you that title, but some people have interpreted this the wrong way, seeking to put the titles on such things as their credit cards. Authorities in Scotland have had to denounce all these fake titles, stating that they hold no legal basis. It is merely a charitable way for foreigners to invest in the nature of Scotland. One company, the Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood, state that the profit from their sales will only ever go to conservation of the nature reserves in their area. Scottish heraldry made easy it seems, but these are not real titles that are being sold, merely gimmicks; a practical and creative way of generating income. Buying Scottish land doesn’t make you a Lord or Lady, but it can help with the preservation of lands that have been abused in the past; this is never a bad thing. If ever there was Scottish heraldry made easy, it isn’t this way. The laws governing heraldry and the coat-of-arms are actually very strict in Scotland. It is illegal for anyone to wear the coat-of-arms of a certain clan, or family, without showing evidence of genetic ties, and residing in Scotland.


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