The Meaning Behind the Coats of Arms

Heraldry in the Scottish tradition is in many ways similar to how it is practised in England and other places in western Europe, but there are also differences. Differences that can be seen when looking at coats of arms. To understand the meaning behind the coats of arms, you have to look at its characteristics and the symbols that are used. A coat of arms consists typically of a motto, cadency, badges, crests, heiresses, and quarterings; each element helps identify the meaning behind the coats of arms. The motto is one of the most visual differences between Scottish heraldry and other heraldic styles. The scroll that displays the motto is in Scottish tradition, almost always positioned above the crest of the coat of arms. Just as there are some differences in style between the traditions, variations can also occur in the interpretation of the symbols. When researching specific symbols to understand the meaning of them, it is imperative to make sure the information is based on the Scottish tradition. Indentifying friends and foes through a Coat of arms is a fascinating thing to do as insights into their history can be revealed. We welcome you to read our other articles and visit this website regularly to learn more about this fascinating art form.

The meaning behind the coats of arms

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