Kilts and Tartans: Scottish national dress

Kilts and tartans are made from several feet of fabric and folded into loose pleats and then fastened in place with a leather belt. They are made from tartan fabric and identified with a particular Scottish Clan. To this day, people are filled with intrigue as they still wonder what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. That aside, kilts and tartans, Scotland’s national dress, are stylish and fascinating. The history of the kilt goes right back to the 6th century, but relatively recent a Derbyshire based company known as Tweeds with Style have come out with a Tartan for Derbyshire . The colours of this kilt – red, green, white, black, blue and yellow are representative of the Scottish countryside, designed to tie in with ‘Made in Derbyshire 2015’. In fact, a weaver in Belper produced a hand-woven piece to show the Scots what the next kilt would look like. The Derbyshire tartan is a district tartan registered with the Scottish Tartan Register.

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