The notion of Heraldry in Scotland has always been strong. It is, of course, the clan system that has given Scotland such a rich tradition of heraldry with the many different warring families requiring their own unique markings and identity. The Heraldry Society of Scotland was founded in 1977 and has membership from around the globe. Scotland is one of a few where a court of Heraldry still exists and is in operation today. In today’s world of marketing and commerce, many Scottish businesses are seeing the value in identity and using the coats-arms symbolism in their logos and branding. Heraldry, a business for today it would seem as more multinational companies, institutions and organisational bodies in Scotland are drawing on the powerful tradition to empower their businesses. Stella McCartney and Adidas design uniform for Rio Olympics with Heraldy in mind material exists to inform any novice on the subject of this science that has such a long and distinguished history. A history that clearly is alive and well. Heraldry, a business for today for those wishing to actually draw on that strength of identity within Scottish society.

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