Heraldic Mythical Animals – The Scottish Unicorn

The unicorn, a magnificent white, horse- or goat-like beast. Its identifying feature is a long, spiralling and pointed horn on its forehead, and strong legs equipped with cloven hoofs. It is often seen as a symbol of purity, joy, grace and innocence. A mystical and powerful creature that could heal sickness or pain with its magical horn. During the Medieval Period, it was depicted by many artists, as a creature that could only have been captured by a virgin maiden. The Celtic mythology in Scotland during this period recognised the unicorn as a symbol of beauty, courage and freedom. The unicorn became an iconic Scottish symbol, especially since Scotland fought bravely for its independence. There’s an early version of a Scottish Coat of Arms in the 12th century that has the mythical creature. In the 15th century under the reign of James III of Scotland, their coins also featured the unicorn. Originally there were two, but later one was changed into a lion when the Scottish united with the English. The Scottish Unicorn is a white, horse-like creature, with cloven hooves, a white mane and a tail like that of a lion’s. It also has the characteristic horn on its forehead. The Scottish Unicorn is also depicted with chains around it. The chains are supposed to keep the beast from running wild and to tame the dangerous beauty it holds. It is a beautiful creature that truly represents the magical nature of Scotland, bold, proud and fierce. want to find a unicorn? A short term loan from ferratum.co.uk can help fund a trip to do so

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