Coat of Arms Banner and Vexillology

Coat of arms banner is basically a flag which bears the same picture as a coat of arms. What does it look like then? Well, it’s a square or oblong piece of fabric, slightly larger than a pennon. The emblems painted on the banner of arms are identical with owner’s shield of a full heraldic achievement. Even though it’s sometimes called a “banner”, it’s not quite the same thing as a banner, which we define as a flag held during the battle. The difference between a coat of arms banner and a heraldic flag is that the first one is not used ceremoniously. Although it can be adapted as a national flag – the best example would be the flag of Iraq. Another great example is Swiss flag, which, by the way, holds the 3rd positions in>The Worlds best top-ten flags Ranking presented by vexillologists. In the first place is the flag of the United Kingdom, on the second – beautiful, bottle-green flag of Saudi Arabia.

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