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Scottish Heraldry Today

Scottish heraldry is one of the world’s oldest and finest trades. It involves designing, using, regulating and recording coats of arms as well as related emblems. In yester years, individuals simply assumed coats of arms, but the crown eventually reserved the right to grant them to individuals, and not families. The person awarded the right to use the arms is called an Armiger. His legitimate male descendants can use the coat of arms, but with two conditions; unchanged for the eldest and with specific differences for younger sons. But in order to be granted a coat of arms by the crown, an individual should have: (1). Performed a heroic deed (2). Made a notable achievement (3). Held a prominent position. Scottish heraldry is an ancient and exact science that is maintained by heralds who kept ordinaries and armorials. This blog will look at the heraldry journey through the ages to the present in Scotland. Everything from the principles of Scottish heraldry to characteristics of Scottish coats of arms, and important ancient and recent works will be covered in great detail.

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