• The Meaning Behind the Coats of Arms

    Heraldry in the Scottish tradition is in many ways similar to how it is practised in England and other places in western Europe, but there are also differences. Differences that can be seen when looking at coats of arms. To understand the meaning behind the coats of arms, you have to look at its characteristics […]

  • Special Heraldic Flags

    It seems that laws surrounding heraldic flags have become blurred, and Scottish football clubs are now trying to scrap old laws which ban the use of certain elements on flags such as lions, shields or thistles. Scottish football clubs in legal battle over using heraldic crests have meant that some clubs will be forced to […]

  • Kilts and Tartans: Scottish national dress

    Kilts and tartans are made from several feet of fabric and folded into loose pleats and then fastened in place with a leather belt. They are made from tartan fabric and identified with a particular Scottish Clan. To this day, people are filled with intrigue as they still wonder what Scotsmen wear under their kilts. […]